tanning salon risks

FDA Warns of Winter Tanning Salon Risks

Do you like to get a tan? It is good to stop and consider a few things before you hit the tanning salon. Getting a winter tan at the salon may be riskier than you think. There are risks associate with winter tanning.

The FDA wants consumers to realize that serious health hazards are posed by UV radiation in tanning devices. A current report from the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), a part of the World Health Organization, reasons that tanning apparatus tend to be more dangerous than formerly believed.

Exposure to UV radiation, whether from indoor tanning beds or sunlight, can cause eye damage (both short- and longterm). It may also skin cancer, premature skin aging and even burns.

Given these hazards, the FDA can demand special warnings be contained in a few promotional materials for sunlamp products and UV lamps, and in 2014 required that tagging be comprised on sunlamp products saying the products shouldn’t be utilized by anyone younger than 18. The brand new tagging conditions were part of the last sequence classifying sunlamp products into type II, subject to premarket review.

Because folks under age 18 are especially at risk, the FDA is now proposing to confine the sunlamp merchandises to individuals age 18 years old and elderly, and require they sign a hazard acknowledgement certification before use, and then every 6 months, that says that they’ve been advised of the hazards to health that could come from usage of sunlamp products.

So remember these issues, next time you pass the tanning salon. Treasure the skin you are in.