Study Completed on Three Different Diets Study Completed on Three Different Diets
New England Journal of Medicine

According to the New England Journal of Medicine, a two year trail was conducted in Diamona, Israel with 322 moderately obese men and women. Most of the participants were men.

Both men and women got roughly the same exercise and ate the main meal which was lunch at a central cafeteria. The appropriate foods for each diet were color coded. Women seemed to lose more weight on the Mediterranean diet and the diabetics were able to lower their blood sugar more on the same diet.

The study was done with the low-fat diet, the low-carb diet and the so-called Mediterranean diet. All of the diets achieved weight lose, lower blood pressure readings and improved cholesterol levels.The low-carb diet improved cholesterol levels as well as more weight loss than the other two.

The Heart Association recommends a low-fat diet to reduce heart risks. The Mediterranean diet has also proven safe and effective. As long as there is limitation of saturated fats, a low-carb diet is in the guidelines. The Atkins diet is not recommended.

In this study, 85 percent of the ones who started it stayed with it for two years.Experts say the study was highly credible.