ZYBAN Side Effects for Stop Smoking Treatment ZYBAN Side Effects for Stop Smoking Treatment
Food and Drug Administration MedWatch

According to the US Food and Drug (FDA)Administration’s MedWatch program, consumers should be aware of the benefits andpotential side effects of using ZYBAN.

ZYBAN Benefits

The FDA states that abouta third ofpatients are able toquit smoking for at least a month while being treated with ZYBAN and participating in a patient support program.The FDA also says that for many patients ZYBAN does indeed reduce smoking urges and withdrawal symptoms. However the FDA stipulates that ZYBAN should always be used together with a patient support program.

Possible Side Effects

Risk of Seizures

When used in higher doses, the FDA reports that ZYBAN can increase the risk of having seizures in people "who take certain medicines or who have specific medical conditions." The agency advises consumers to not take any other medicines in combination with ZYBAN unless your doctor has specifically approved taking the medications together.

the FDA specifically warns anyone who has a seizure while taking ZYBAN, to stop taking the drug right away and immediately see a doctor.

Risk of Depression

Even though ZYBAN is not a treatment for depression, the drug contains the same active antidepressant ingredients as WELLBUTRIN. Therefore, families with individuals who take ZYBAN should watch for the following symptoms:

Depression Thoughts of Suicide Increase of Anxiety or Easy Agitation Panicky Feelings Increase in Hostility or Aggressiveness Insomnia (lack of sleep) Hyperactivity Unusual Changes in Behavior

The FDA recommends that you should consult with your doctor regarding the benefits and risks of taking ZYBAN. Like any other medication, your doctor will be able to help you weigh your options and make an informed decision.