The Arthritist Pain Reliever The Arthritist Pain Reliever
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

The Arthritis Pain Reliever

Learn to use physical activity to ease arthritis pain and disability. The Arthritis Pain Reliever video will show you how.

The Arthritis Pain Reliever was created to help people with arthritis learn safe, appropriate exercise to relieve arthritis symptoms. Physical activity is a proven way to relieve the pain and disability associated with arthritis, but many people do not have the confidence or knowledge about how to exercise safely. The Arthritis Pain Reliever will help people with arthritis learn more about the benefits of physical activity and types and amounts of exercise recommended.

Health care providers and public health professionals recommend physical activity for people with arthritis as one way to help manage the condition and reduce symptoms that interfere with daily living. Physical activity can reduce pain and improve function, mobility, mood, and quality of life for most adults with types of arthritis ranging from osteoarthritis to rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, and lupus. Physical activity can also help people with arthritis manage other chronic conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, and obesity. Read more information about the benefits of physical activity for people with arthritis.

To help achieve the recommendations in this video, learn about the community-based, CDC recommended physical activity programs for people with arthritis. Watch the video now.

The Arthritis Pain Reliever video was created to supplement the evidence-based health communications campaign, Physical Activity. The Arthritis Pain Reliever. Learn more about the campaign and free materials that can be used to implement it.