Stretching Can Be Beneficial For Your Health Stretching Can Be Beneficial For Your Health
Every Day Well Being, fall 2005

We never stop to think that we have more than 650 muscles in our body that would like to be moved in one form or another. There are many different stretching techniques that we can use to accommodate our stretching preferences. First thing in the morning, right after you get out of bed stand erect, slowly move your head from side to side in a rolling motion. Next, reach toward the ceiling and then down to your toes, according to the Every Day Well Being.

A good one to do is to place your hands on your hips and twist from left to right: this helps to loosen your torso.. To loosen your back, lie face down on the floor and arch it like a cat, touching your chin to your chest.

Just by doing these simple exercises you will feel more energized and ready to start your day. There are a number of exercises, yoga being one of them that can enhance the flexibility, strength and tone of your body. Yoga gently controls posture, breathing and gestures and is a soothing way to stay fit for anyone at any age. Exercise helps the circulation of our blood supply and helps to reduce ones stress level, which everyone needs. Be sure you maintain proper posture during your exercise program and especially throughout the day.. We must remember that our muscles often get tight after exercising, so before starting any exercise program, consult with your doctor to be sure it is appropriate for you.

If you are interested in exercise and want to join a class, there are always classes available to most areas