Tips for Holiday Health

The holidays are approaching, we get busy with all the preparations and socializing.

Many of us forget that stress and loss of sleep can make us vulnerable to accidents as well as sickness. Close quarters, stress and lack of sleep can all lead to holiday colds this time of year.

According to experts at the University of Massachusetts Medical School, Allard E. Dembe and colleagues found that people who overworked at any job were 61 percent more likely to sustain a work-related accident. Don’t overwork at any time let alone the holiday season. To stay safe, avoid holiday commitments, get your sleep and be flexible.

To enjoy a healthy, happy holiday season, spread cheer not germs. That can be accomplished by following a few simple tips. Washing your hands, wiping down doorknobs and telephones, and being flexible if someone in your family is sick. . A sick family member is a good reason to say no to demands on your time. Dr. T. Glenn Pait, medical correspondent on Arkansas Today, says, “don’t let one family member’s flu get everyone else down”.

If you’re the one under the weather, try not to complain. You can always listen to festive music and watch a good holiday movie. Keep well and happy and follow these tips for a healthy, happy holiday.