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Longevity in Seventh-day Adventist Longevity in Seventh-day Adventists
National Geographic, November 2005

According to recent research, that was done by National Geographic, Seventh-day Adventists outlive their American counterparts by up to 10 years

By far the most surprising fact is that Seventh-day Adventists are the only culture that are not losing their longevity. It appears that their positive healthy behavior is playing a major part. Seventh-day Adventists re-enforce positive thinking by following a vegetarian lifestyle. They do not have habits of smoking or drinking, and exercise is an important part of their lifestyle. As a people they have one day of rest each week in which they totally unplug and that is called the Sabbath. These factors seem to play a significant role in their longevity.

If you want to see your grandchildren grow up, it will depend on what choices you make. Genetics only accounts for 30% for how long you live...how long you live is up to your lifestyle.

For more information, see the video presentation at: http://www7.nationalgeographic.com/ngm/0511/sights_n_sounds/index.html