Deceptive Hemp Scam Used By Pro Marijuana Groups Deceptive Hemp Scam Used By Pro Marijuana Groups
Women’s Christian Temperance Union

Pro marijuana groups are trying to legalize growing hemp, because the plant looks exactly like the marijuana plant, according to a recent report by the Women’s Christian Temperance Union (WCTU).

It is suspected that themarijuana groups maywant to convince legislators to allow farmers to grow hemp, so they can seed marijuana plants in the hemp fields without detection.

"Hemp and marijuana plants look identical." says Dr. Sarah Ward of the WCTU. "The only way to tell the difference is to take the plants into the lab ," says Dr. Ward.

While the hemp and marijuana plants look nearly identical, the level of active chemicalTHC in hempis very low while THC levels inmarijuana are very high.

According to an article by David L. Debertin is Professor of Agricultural Economics at the University of Kentucky "First, hemp is illegal to grow in the US, and, from the perspective of law enforcement officials, there are good reasons for this. Current methods for identifying illegal marijuana crops rely heavily on helicopter surveys and sophisticated techniques which are capable of determining the kind of crop being grown by its appearance from the air. "

Professor Debertingoesonto say"Despite the fact that the industrial hemp has a very low percentage of the active chemical in marijuana, THC, it would be comparatively easy to hide marijuana plants among the industrial hemp plants, and it would be difficult if not impossible to distinguish between the two via aerial surveys. "

Citizens are being urged to be mindful of the deceptive tactics being used by pro marijuana groups in their attempts to legalize growing hemp, according to the WCTU.