Illness and Injury Abroad Illness and Injury Abroad
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Illness and Injury Abroad

Before going abroad, you should become familiar with what steps to take and who to contact in case of a medical emergency while you are traveling. The following information will assist you.

Planning for Healthy Travel

The basics, including how to understand this site’s travel notices

Travelers’ Health Kit
Putting together a kit to take care of minor health problems and treat pre-existing medical conditions while abroad

Prepare for Nonmedical Emergencies and Travel

Travel Warnings and Public Announcements concerning civil unrest and other conditions, Consular Information Sheets with information about travel requirements such as new or unusual entry or currency requirements, much more. Be sure to visit (on the United States Department of State site)

Recommendations for Travelers: Being Prepared in Case Disaster Strikes

General advice for international travelers about preparedness for a natural or manmade disaster during travel.

Seeking Health Care Abroad

Health insurance, what to do if serious illness or injury occurs, blood transfusions, health-seeking travel
Injuries Abroad
Swimming and Recreational Water Safety and Scuba Diving
Helpful water safety information to reduce travelers’ risk of drowning and water-related injuries.

Death Overseas

The Post-Travel Period
Common health problems of travelers who are ill on their return home, illnesses that may appear later, screening