Simulation Technology At Nursing School Simulation Technology At Nursing School
Pacific Union College

“Sim Man”, a simulation maniken, is now reality for the nursing department at Pacific Union College, a Seventh-day Adventist college located in the beautiful hills of Northern California.

Since arriving on campus, the nursing faculty have introduced simulation technology into clinical instruction. He has been used to teach CPR, mock code situations and medical/surgical scenarios. “Sim Man” has a bank of programable EKG rhythms intrograted with heart sounds, pulses and pressure wave forms. In an adjacent room of the skills lab, the nursing faculty are able to control the audio equipment for the simulation and observe the nursing student through a one-way view window.

With increaing technology and patient acuity, critical care patients are now on the medical-surgical unit making it even more important for nursing students to be well-trained and exposed to a varity of scenarios

Using the simulation technology with “Sim Man”,
students can now be better prepared to meet the
patient situations in an actual hospital setting.

In the near future, the goal of the nursing department is to have a “Sim Family” which would consist of an adult male and female, a child and a baby.