Bring your Blood Pressure Down Bring your Blood Pressure Down
American Heart Association and Ministry of Healing

,, Bring Down Blood Pressure

According to the American Heart Association, one of the biggest factors for not developing high blood pressure is living a healthy lifestyle. This includes the following:

1) Maintaining a healthy weight

2) Practice moderation, if you drink

3) Quit smoking

4) Regulate intake of salt/sodium

5) Regular physicals and seeing your doctor

American Heart Association also recommends:

1) Aerobic training

2) Weight training

3) Yoga and quiet time

4) Deep breathing exercising

Managing stress plays an important role in maintaining health.

From the book, Ministry of Healing, “walking is preferably to riding, inactivity is the greatest curse that comes upon us. Action is a law of our being.”

It is wise for everyone to practice the laws of health for a healthier lifestyle.