Hand Washing Tips Hand Washing Tips
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Healthy habits help keep sickness away. Try these tips with your family today.

1. Wash Your Hands

It’s the single most effective way to keep from catching a cold or spreading one to someone else.

When to Wash

Before you eat or touch food After you use the bathroom After you change a diaper When you come in from working or playing outdoors After you touch or play with an animal After you cough, sneeze, or blow your nose

How to Wash

Wet your hands with warm running water. Apply a small amount of liquid or bar soap. Rub your hands together about 10 times (for roughly 20 seconds), the time it takes you and your toddler to sing the "alphabet song." Rub all the way back to your wrists and out to the tips of your fingers. Rinse your hands under the running water. Dry your hands thoroughly with a clean paper towel, and throw the towel into the trash.

2. Practice Healthy Habits Eat right, sleep tight, and exercise often to keep your immune system strong—and illness at bay. Dispose of used tissues in the trash—not in your pocket or on surfaces in your home. Clean household surfaces frequently. Use a detergent and warm water (or a mild disinfectant) to wipe objects and surfaces you or your toddler touch. Provide separate (or disposable) cups and towels in the kitchen and bathroom for each member of your family. By keeping each family member’s cups, towels, and toothbrushes separate, you’ll help keep germs from spreading. Strengthen the immune system of every member of your family by ensuring plenty of rest, proper nutrition, and moderate exercise.

3. Catch Some Z’s

Lack of sleep can reduce immune functioning, making you susceptible to sickness. So make sure you get plenty of shut-eye.

4. Soften Your Blows

Proper nose care can help prevent the spread of colds and alleviate symptoms if you do catch a cold. Keep these tips in mind to soften your blows.

Blow your nose gently with a soft, clean tissue to help clear your nose of mucus. You’ll breathe easier and reduce the spread of germs. Use one of our preferred Puffs products to help soothe sore and stuffy noses.