Newly Approved Medicine Treats Excessive Fat Below the Chin

A new drug named Kybella (aka deoxycholic acid), which treats adults with acute fat below the chin, has recently been approved by the FDA.

Kybella is the same a deoxycholic acid that is naturally created by our bodies. This acid is created by the body to absorb fat. This new medication ruins fat cells when correctly injected into submental fat; yet, additionally, it may ruin other kinds of cells, including skin cells, when it is accidentally injected to your skin.

Kybella is only approved for treating fat appearing below the chin. There is no verified information on whether Kybella is safe or effective for treatment beyond this region.

Kybella does have some bad side effects including nerve injury to jaw. This can cause facial muscle weakness or an uneven grin. The most common side effects of Kybella were pain, bruising, swelling, numbness, redness and aspects of hardness in the injection area.

Kybella is injected directly into the fatty chin tissue. Up to 50 injections can be given to patients in up to six single treatments administered, within a single episode of care. Kybella is not be mixed or diluted with some other drugs or compounds.

The drug was tested in two clinical trials that consisted of participants with moderate or intense submental fat. There were 1,022 adult participants. Some were randomly assigned to receive a placebo while others received Kybella. The outcomes clearly showed that the participants who received Kybella had significantly more fat reduction that those who received the placebo.

Kybella must not be utilized beyond the submental region, when there is an infection in the injection site, also it must not be used. Care must be found in patients that have had previous operative or tasteful treatment of the facial and neck region.