Sleep and Rest More Sleep and Rest More
Ministry of Healing and Good Hands Health Magazine


According to an article written in an article in the magazine, “GOOD HANDS”, who ever you are or if you’re an athlete, we all know the importance of sleep and rest. There are many research studies about amounts of sleep on how too much or too less affects your health

Now, there is a study showing just how important sleep may be for peak athletic performance, Research published this in the journal Sleep. A study at Stanford University, found that athletes getting enough sleep and rest was as important as training and diet for elite athletes. They found that those athletes who increased their sleep to 10 hours a night for six weeks, their shooting accuracy increased by 9%. It should also be noted in the study, the players also stopped drinking coffee and alcohol. All three seemed to have a major impact.

We are told in the book” Ministry of Healing”, that some make themselves sick by overwork. “For these, rest, freedom from care and a spare diet are essential to restoration of health”. The author also states that tea and coffee are stimulates and tired nerves need rest and quiet instead of stimulation and overwork. Nature needs time to recuperate her exhausted energy

One has to wonder how much of an impact just changing sleep and rest would have?