Healthy Weight Loss Healthy Weight Loss
In Good Hands

According to a research at Kaiser Permanente Center for Health Research, obese adults in a diet study were asked to follow a healthy diet, exercise regularly and maintain a weight loss journal. Some were asked to maintain and update their journals seven days a week while others were asked to update theirs only once a week. The author stated that those who updated their journals regularly lost more weight then those who maintained their journals once a week.

Two very important reasons are: accountability and the ability to really analyze what you are eating and physically doing—-try keeping a journal and see how it works.

As we all know there is no ONE correct answer to loosing weight, as everyone’s body make-up, chemistry and genes are different. We all react differently to certain kinds of food, exercise and etc. The real truth about weight loss is that YOU have to figure out what types of food and exercise works with your body—-there is no quick fix. Figure out a plan and STICK WITH IT THE REST OF YOUR LIFE AND TRY THAT JOURNAL!!!!!!!!