Sleep and its Importance Sleep and its Importance
Good Hands and Ministry of Healing


According to an article written by Dr. John Fletcher in the magazine "GOODHANDS", several research studieshave shown that not only getting enough sleep is bad, but it also shows getting too much is not good either.

Researchers say sleeping too little or for too long disrupts how we think and can age the brain by up to seven years, Getting less or more than six to eight hours recommended sleep increases the speed of cognitive decline and affects abilities such as reasoning and vocabulary. Researchers found seven hours of sleep per night resulted in the highest score for cognitive memory.

Researchers also warned that worsening brain function could trigger physical decline and death. Just like eating and exercising, you must find the right amount of sleep that works for you..

In the book, Ministry of Healing, it is stated “in His word and in the great books of nature, He has revealed the principles of life. It is our work to obtain a knowledge of these principles, and by obedience to co-operate with Him in restoring health to the body as well as to the soul”.